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Official German DDC homepage

 Official DDC homepage

Introductions to the DDC (overview, use, notational system)

German introductions to the DDC

Introductions by OCLC (Online Computer Library Center)

Introductions by American libraries/university libraries

DDC "How-To" literature (tutorials and exercises)

Current uses of the DDC

DDC numbers in library online catalogs and databases

  • Online catalog of the German National Library
    DDC numbers are shown in the title data. Direct search for DDC-indexed documents is possible by entering "ddc=" in the search field, e.g. "ddc=796.092". MelvilSearch enables the user to search for specific DDC numbers or to browse the DDC hierarchies to get to the subject of interest. The number of literature indexed by the specific DDC number is displayed together with the class.
  • DeweyBrowser
    A beta version online catalog by OCLC. Allows for DDC searches in various ways: by DDC numbers, keywords, LC subject headings as well as by DDC main classes, divisions and sections when using the word cloud function on top of the page.

  • LoC (Library of Congress) online catalog
  • GBV Union Catalogue
    DDC-classified literature having the same DDC number than the title displayed can be found within the title data by following the link in the category "Further documents".


Web catalogs / Subject gateways using Dewey

DDC in other web applications

  • dewey.info
    Dewey.info is an experimental space for linked DDC data. The initial data set available is a linked data version of the DDC Summaries in eleven languages. The intention of the dewey.info prototype is to be a platform for Dewey data on the Web.
  • DeweyDigger
    DeweyDigger allows for an explorative access to web search on the base of the DDC main classes. After entering a main class, a more specific subject can be chosen from a word cloud as well as the search engine to conduct the search.


DDC Funstuff




  • Librarian Action Figure. A librarian as an action doll. Her weapon of choice: the DDC. An article on the development of this action figure was published by the Seattle Times.

  • Library Hotel in New York. Each of the ten guestroom floors of this luxury hotel is dedicated to one of the main classes of the DDC. Each room is furnished with books and art relevant to the specific topic.

  • DDC 21 Contest
    (Top ideas for repurposing old copies of the DDC 21 now that DDC 22 has been published, winning entries from a contest announced by OCLC)


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